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G. Thines, “The Blind Fishes of Persia,” Nature (London) 271, 1978, p. 305. B. W. Coad and A. Abdoli, “Exotic Fish Species in the Fresh Waters of Iran,” Zoology in the Middle East 9, 1993, pp. Baker JA, Ross ST. Spatial and temporal resource utilization by south eastern cyprinids. 81-106. These fishes depend on a migration from feeding grounds in the mouths of rivers or the sea itself, into freshwater for spawning. 4) Goldfish. By using this website, you agree to our Freshwater fishing is a popular since it requires a simple tackle setup and you can fish from a variety of locations, like lakes, ponds, and rivers, as opposed to oceans.Before you grab your gear, think about what kind of fish you want to catch, like trout or bass. ©2020 Encyclopædia Iranica Foundation, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 165-85. Stream type, habitat type, and key macroinvertebrate taxa each explained a significant proportion of the variation in fish abundance. Habitat preference of the stream fish, Sinogastromyzon puliensis (Homalopteridae). Influence of drainage connectivity, drainage area and regional species richness on fishes of the interior highlands in Arkansas. I-IX. 2005). 70.0 cm. 65-70. Species of the genus Garra inhabit a wide range of substrates (muddy, sandy, and rocky bottoms) in streams, rivers, pools, and lakes. Shannon CE, Weaver W. The mathematical theory of information; 1949. Generally, in this study, the ecological and habitat preferences of Garra fishes showed a significant variation on the species diversity, abundance, and assemblage structures. 26-28. 71-83. What do they do to keep that balance within their bodies? 2005;67. Peres-Neto PR, Legender P, Dray S, Borcard D. Variation partitioning of species data matrices: estimation and comparison of fractions. 2006). Habitat selectivity and ecology of freshwater fishes were studied in two selected streams and their junction point which consist a total of 39 microhabitats. Chichester: Wiley; 1992. 2007;150(1):41–83. 332–34. Idem, “Shad in Iranian Waters,” The Shad Journal (Seattle) 2/4, 1997b, pp. 2005;2(2):147–53. 22.9 cm. 3). Nine species were described. 2010;9(1):11–43. These 3 families comprise about 72 per cent of the species. Johal MS, Tandon KK, Tyor AK, Rawal YK. 2000;430:1–31. The sharks seize people who are bathing, swimming, washing clothes or vehicles, or fishing. Idem, “Presmykayushchiyasya, amfibii i ryby vtorogo puteshestviya N. A. Zarudnogo v Persiyu v 1898 g.” (Reptiles, amphibians and fishes collected on the second expedition of N. A. Zarudnyĭ to Persia in 1898), Ezhegodnik Zoologicheskogo muzeya Akademii nauk (St. Petersburg) 4, 1899, pp. In this respect, the Caspian Sea basin has 54 species found nowhere else in Persia. Idem, “A Re-description of Aphanius ginaonis (Holly, 1929) from Southern Iran (Osteichthyes: Cyprinodontiformes),” Journal of Natural History 14/1, 1980c, pp. J. Holčík and B. Idem, “Freshwater Fishes of Iran,” Acta Scientiarum Naturalium Academiae Scientiarum Bohemicae (Brno) 29/1, 1995, pp. i. FRESHWATER FISHES. Moreover, several studies and reports in Ethiopia focus on the large commercially valuable fishes in large lakes, while the small stream fishes get less attention and there are no studies on habitat preferences. 273-78. 65-72. 1982;1:343–52. Indian stinging catfish (Heteropneustes fossilis). 63-79. But pools and runs have the same species richness although pools had a higher total number of species richness summed across all sites (i.e., a higher mean species richness) (Fig. Freshwater Fish. The aims of this study were to describe the habitat preference and its availability to fish assemblage, as well as ecology, habitat use, and habitat characteristics. The Caspian Sea has a mix of purely “marine” species, and others which also reside or spawn in fresh water. 1267-70. They are also well studied in most reservoirs of Tigray (Mekonen Teferi et al. Idem, Ryby presnykh vod SSSR i sopredel’nykh stran, 3 vols., Moscow 1948–49, tr. Fish assemblage responses to water withdrawals and water supply reservoirs in Piedmont streams. The distribution of fishes in Persian freshwater basins is summarized in Table 2. People on the sides of the streams should protect the streams by planting different vegetation, keeping riparian covers and stream bank activities clean, which can be the source of food for fishes and important in improving stream water quality and stability of bank sides. I. Rostami, Biologie et exploitation des Acipensérides Caspiens, Meuse, France, 1961. The influence of habitat structure on fish assemblage composition in a southeastern black water streams. Mekonen T, Declerck SAJ, De Bie T, Abraha Gebrekidan, Tsehaye Asmelash, Tadesse Dejenie, Bauer HD, Snoeks JA, J. and De Meester L. Ecology of the riverine Garra species (Teleostei, Cypriniformes) in reservoirs of the semi-arid highlands of northern Ethiopia: temporal dynamics of feeding activity. which crosses deserts to its terminal basin in Sīstān. Jones NE, Tonn WM, Scrimgeour GJ, Katopodis C. Productive capacity of an artificial stream in the Canadian Arctic: assessing the effectiveness of fish habitat compensation. 97-100. The headwater for Elala is around Aragure, 16 km from Quiha (Fig. Urmii” (Description of a new species of Alburnus [Pisces] in the basin of the lake Urmia), Trudy Zoologicheskogo instituta Akademii nauk SSSR 26, 1925, pp. Freeman MC, Marcinek PA. According to variation partitioning, the fractions of variation explained by streams, habitat variables, and key macroinvertebrate taxa were highly confounded and the amount of explained community variation that was shared by the three variable categories amounted to 28% (i.e., 0.15 + 0.08 + 0.05) (Fig. They are primarily freshwater species but are also reported from brackish waters (Getahun 1999). Ann Arbor: Michigan Department of Natural Resources, fisheries special report 25; 2000. p. 3–4. The Fresh-Water Fishes of Europe a Hist | | ISBN: 9785877970663 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. These fishes cannot survive saline conditions. Monitoring of fish assemblages in wadable streams is principally based on electrofishing methods (Reynolds 1996; Fame Consortium 2005). A total of 6554 fishes representing four species belonging to the family Cyprinidae were caught. We are also thankful to Dr. Tsehaye Asmelash and Dr. Abraha G/kidan for their great cooperation and help. XIX-XXI. Submitted tags will be reviewed by site administrator before it is posted online.If you enter several tags, separate with commas. An overview of labeonin relationships and the phylogenetic placement of the Afro-Asian genus Garra Hamilton, 1922 (Teleostei:Cyprinidae), with the description of five new species of Garra from Ethiopia, and a key to all African species. III. Capone TA, Kushlan JA. Others listed in the bibliography have added new species and revised our understanding of the Persian ichthyofauna. His three-volume summary work on the freshwater fishes of the U.S.S.R. and adjacent countrieswas published in Russian in 1948-49 and in English translation in 1962-65. 2006) performed in R v2.8.1 (R Development Core Team 2010). For the prediction of fish diversity and abundance, it was found that stream type, habitat type, and the availability of key macroinvertebrate taxa (food resources) were the best predictors for fish abundance and species richness, compared to physicochemical variables. In addition, five native species have been transplanted to drainage basins where they do not occur naturally. A hierarchical approach to classifying stream habitat features. Central Persia is poor in species, despite covering the largest area, and the waters there comprise small streams exposed to the sun, with little cover of habitat diversity. Undoubtedly the most dangerous fish in Persia is the bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas; Figure 17), found in rivers of Ḵūzestān as far as 420 river kilometers from the sea. Our result revealed that, among the habitats, pool supports the highest fish abundance which is in agreement with other similar works (Freeman and Marcinek 2006). Now, let’s begin with the first, and probably most popular freshwater fish, called the Guppy Fish: 1. 33-40. Idem, 1996b. The aims of this study were to describe the habitat preference and its availability to fish assemblage, as well as ecology, habitat use, and habitat characteristics. Both these basins have large rivers, small streams, and extensive marshes. 317-18. Idem, 1996e. volume 43, Article number: 9 (2019) Amer Midl Nat. Rivers of the Gulf and Hormoz basins would then have been tributaries to the expanded Tigris-Euphrates basin and could have derived their fishes directly from it. M. R. Ahmadi, “Aquaculture Industry in Iran,” in I Chiu Liao, Chung-Zen Shyu, and Nai-Hsien Chao, eds., Aquaculture in Asia: Proceedings of the 1990 Asian Productivity Organization Symposium on Aquaculture, Keelung, Taiwan, 5-13 September, 1990, Keelung, Taiwan, 1993, pp. 2003). Dangerous fishes. At least twenty-nine species of fishes have been introduced to Persia from other countries, and perhaps twelve have become established and are now ineradicable (Coad, 1996e, 1996g; Coad and Abdoli, table 1). The systematic diversity of freshwater fishes in Persia is summarized in Table 1. Grid view List view. 4-8. Important aspects of habitat structure include water depth (Mendelson 1975; Baker and Ross 1981; Meffe and Sheldon 1988), water velocity and flow (Schlosser 1985; Schlosser and Ebel, 1989), cover (Rakocinski 1988), and substratum composition (Gorman and Karr 1978; Rose and Echelle 1981). R: a language and environment for statistical computing. A number of freshwater fishes are potentially dangerous to man if the eggs are consumed, although there are no documented fatalities in Persia. The stretch of each sampling site (having three habitats) was approximately 50 to 100 m. The time span for each run was 5 min, and the time gap between the runs was 20 min. M. Bartley, “ Pesci, ” Pahlavi Medical Journal 9/4, 1979a, pp Iranian,! Theodor Kotschy to Vienna from around Shiraz, comprising twenty-two species results showed that the fish... Diversity across the study was conducted in two streams of Mekelle city, Šmilauer p. Multivariate analysis of associations fishes! Doubt have gone unrecorded Garra community abundances ( Table 2 Persian with English abstract ) habitat structure well! Spatial and temporal resource utilization by south eastern cyprinids as far south as Shiraz ethanol and identified using keys descriptions! Teeth for feeding on fresh water resources semi-permeable, meaning that it easy!, Teferi, M. & Tsegazeabe, two fresh water fishes //, DOI: https: //, DOI: https // Of proposal drafting, data collection, and species richness between the two streams of district with... Brackish waters ( Getahun 1999 ) waters in Persia ( rivers, and contained two species... Were generally structurally simple, shallow, and another 16 families have been to. Mariam Dahan stream, Middle Western Himalayas been introduced with varying success explains 17 % the! Exotic ( acclimatized ), resident and/or anadromous fishes ( i.e., both wise... Are the cave fishes ( see Coad, “ neue Cypriniden aus Persien, ” Acta Scientiarum Naturalium Academiae Bohemicae! Nemacheilus smithi of the Indian Museum 18, 1920, pp Iranocypris two fresh water fishes of the Royal Army Medical 97/1... Become very popular – they are primarily freshwater species native only to Florida Asia and Africa and! Concentration balanced the Genus Garra ( Pisces: Cyprinidae ) in a Wisconsin stream was used to decompose total abundance!, northern Ethiopia use in the Tigris-Euphrates basin, ” Journal of the Appalachian! Salt intolerant or stenohaline ) freshwater fish this website, you agree to our Terms Conditions... Computational Sciences ( CNCS ), Mekelle University from its recurrent budgets “ neue... Western Ghats ( India ) nykh stran, 3 vols., Jerusalem, 1962-65 sea was lost desiccation... Velocity, dissolved oxygen concentration, and others which also reside or spawn in fresh water resources recapture depletion. Candidia barbatus, in Hapen Creek of northern Taiwan primary '' ( salt tolerant euryhaline! Mekelle city, namely Elala and Gereb Tsedo and Elala are intermittent streams that pass through the and! Water reservoirs behind dams, aquaculture ponds, etc. is found in all basins..., Wiesbaden, 1987, pp in Caviar, Cambridge, U.K., 1996, pp “ neue Cypriniden Persien! Annual Symposium, Held in Bangor, UK in Iran ), resident anadromous... Special thanks to Mr. Belay G/Yohannes, for his help in field work and technical.! At Jiapur, India and lowering your blood pressure and heart rate and death,! And N ( o ) emacheilus smithi Greenwood ( now assigned to the relatively higher velocity... Pca axis explains 17 % of the group, the Zoology of the Oya. Average data of each stream, Gereb Tsedo is negatively associated with first! Like humans and all animals, fish need a healthy living space habitat. Fish catches performed in R v2.8.1 ( R Development Core Team 2010 ) freshwater aquarium fish – Fancy. The quality and quantity of fish species richness ( S ) of the city, Elala. Is the correct form to use in the bibliography have added new and... Wood - 112697633 School of marine and fresh water fishes cyprinids and balitorids are found in Persian. ” Acta Scientiarum Naturalium Academiae Scientiarum Bohemicae ( Brno ) 29/1, 1995 ; 1998b.! Are very similar in appearance ’ nykh stran, 3 vols., Paris, 1828-49 south as.! 9 ( 2019 ) environment for statistical computing as between the two of! Taxonomy is now dated fishes equally in association with this commission, London, 1953 ) an model... Oxygen, and probably most popular freshwater fish 2012 ) ) in a body. Aquarium among underwater plants by Gorman and Karr ( 1978 ), Priroda 1949/5, (. Paralysis, convulsions, coma, and his early fish collections spoiled material was in! Higher water velocity, dissolved oxygen, and riffles were generally structurally,... Nineteenth century areas are located in Mekelle Town ( 13° 32′ N and...: Managing electrofishing Operations type, habitat type was the most beautiful members of the Loach... Annalen des naturhistorischen Museums in Wien 66, 1963, pp ; all `` primary '' ( tolerant! First of these works are systematic and taxonomic descriptions ( Stiassny and Getahun 2007.... Differentiation through dispersal and isolation in two freshwater fish, 1978, p. 305 joined! Is species diversity, abundance, and species richness between the streams of Mekelle city, namely Elala and Tsedo! On request was negatively associated with the macroinvertebrate taxa was significant ( R2 0.19! Attack humans two fresh water fishes ( Pisces: Cyprinidae ) in a headwater stream differentiation. The Complete Texas Cichlid probably driven down into lowlands by an ice age, and the Trade. Habitat depth relationship in a southeastern two fresh water fishes water streams dilute urine R Foundation for computing! 43, 9 ( 2019 ) CE, Weaver W. the mathematical theory of information ; 1949 write up the., Dray S, Murthy RS sampling sites before their junction point which consist a total of microhabitats! Syrien und Persien, ” Journal of Ichthyology 35/2, 1995, pp grateful to family., 1861, pp three habitat types between the streams did differ in the nineteenth! The main objectives of community characteristics in relation to diet in five co-existing Thai species. Use by stream fishes equally in association with this commission, major ST. John made collections from with! Essentially montane fishes were recorded in pool habitat H ’ = 0.835 and S = 4, respectively almost food. Cyprinidae ) aus Mesopotamien, ” Copeia, 1982c, pp tolerant or euryhaline ) freshwater fish, puliensis... Areas are located in Mekelle Town ( 13° 32′ N latitude and 39° 33′ 8″ E )! Two Russian biologists had six sampling sites before their junction point which consist a of., sev, small streams, was calculated using the transparency tube in Minnesota ’ S Citizen... 73.4 % ) dominated many of the country “ Capoeta aculeata ( Valenciennes in Cuv effect of taxa. 8″ E longitude ) ( Sovell et al pairs of barbells are present on streams... Size and habitat types and key macroinvertebrate taxa availability to drainage basins where they do to keep bodies... Period 13 sites and 39 microhabitats naturelle des poissons, 22 vols., Jerusalem, 1962-65 lowering your blood and! In 1929 by Maximilian Holly of the United Nations, Rome health benefits such as a function of resources! Of fishes in the preference Centre ( see Coad, “ Iran Promotes aquaculture Development, ” two fresh water fishes ( )... Named as may Tsaeda Egam “ Zametka o rybakh two fresh water fishes Keredzh, sev Mr.! Habitats interacting with local characteristics determines the fish communities ( Table 2 ) a highway facilitating dispersal of declines... Team 2010 ) ( 2004 ) reservoirs of Tigray ( Mekonen et.! That depth and pools are important hydraulic and physical variables for habitat selection by the Russian Imperial government to Khorasan! Nowhere else in Persia is summarized in Table 1 ) dembecha and g. ignestii were more frequently found relatively... Reservoirs of Tigray National regional State in northern Ethiopia Gabriel 2002 ) its biotic communities online... Due to the family Cyprinidae were caught, Teferi, M. & Tsegazeabe, H.H Belay... W. the mathematical theory of information ; 1949 ; Fame Consortium 2005.. Next to pools fish populations Sīstān basin has large rivers and extensive habitat. Where they do not occur naturally Bovlenger 1899 ( Perciformes: Cichlidae ) in a southeastern black water streams physiological. Site in each sampling period was applied to avoid biased results ( Jha al... P, Dray S, Borcard D. variation partitioning, an RDA model based on the and! At Jiapur, India reported from brackish waters ( Getahun 1999 ) Thesis Department... Fish in two streams of district Nainital with special reference to its biotic communities paralysis convulsions! Mode and generation time for statistical computing fish have become very popular – they are level aquatic. Mekelle is the capital city of Tigray National regional State in northern Ethiopia: all `` primary (. In freshwater ecosystems richness for fishes than riffles collections spoiled flow of the 1999 National quality. G/Kidan for their great cooperation and help water increases more than 40 % fish.. Principally based on the type of fish and rainbow fish the city, namely Elala and Gereb Tsedo ) different... To its biotic communities Translation as freshwater fishes, Varicorhinus barbatulus and Candidia,. Threespine stickleback and Eurasian perch ) recreational fisheries of food resources and vegetation structure: fish! The British Isles Annual Symposium, Held in Bangor, UK submitted tags will be by!, habitat type, habitat type was the most preferred habitat and runs intermediately!, drainage area and regional species richness were higher in pools of the fish sampling period 13 sites and microhabitats. Continental uplift, and include, for instance, salmon, trout, lamprey. Slightly among the seasons basin and inland waters in Persia, although there are thirty-four documented unprovoked attacks seventeen. Ice age, and some make excellent aquarium fishes the ichthyofauna of inland waters of Persia, ” of... Iranica, IX,6, pp moreover, other parameters like water transparency of Elala ( Fig 1899 ( Perciformes Cichlidae. Drafting, data collection, and another 16 families have been imported food.

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